Our Mission

Our mission as the Enactus UK Alumni Mentoring Scheme is to establish a membership of excellent alumni mentors who will increase the capacity, ability and leadership of Enactus students, in order to further build excellent Enactus teams and projects.


Every Enactus student has brought value to their team and to the lives of others. We also all made mistakes along the way, but the mentoring scheme aims to bring together the seasoned and experienced Enactus alumni with today’s Enactus students. Through mentoring today’s Enactus students we are helping Enactus teams achieve greater results in their projects, and more stable and sustainable teams.


Upon registering your interest in mentoring a team, we collaborate with Enactus UK to identify teams who would benefit from your support. You are then introduced to the team, and invite you to proceed to add value from the start.

There is no formal expectation of time given to teams, expected outcomes etc. we simply expect you to volunteer some of your time to help teams develop. Activities can include: Skype calls, phone calls, face-to-face meetings to discuss projects, team strategies etc., training sessions and events for the teams, personal advice on leadership and more. However your style and content of mentoring is individual to you.

We measure and keep track of mentors through our Team Progress Report (TPR) system whereby mentors complete feedback forms on their interactions with teams to boost communication and collaboration with other mentors and most importantly Enactus UK Programme Managers. By working together we can provide greater support to teams.