We are recruiting!

We're looking to build a new board for a new Enactus Alumni. Come join us.

The board is made up of a small team who take the lead in specific delivery areas. These members are supported by teams of co-ordinators and project specific team members. The board member leads this team rather than being responsible for everything themselves. This reduces the demand on the board, widens participation, and provides different opportunities of engagement and responsibility.

Roles open for application

We are recruiting for open roles on an ongoing basis. We will review all applications weekly and should a role be filled, the position will be closed and updated below. (Click on a position to find out more)

The outgoing team are supporting the new board through a careful handover, and will continue to be a resource for the future. Outgoing members: Mike Austin, Ishita Ranjan, Helen Ots, Abby Price, and Amy Flavell.

The Exec Teams

As mentioned above, there are teams lead by each board member for - professional events, social events, commercial delivery and communications. If you're interested in being involved in these, please follow the same process, and we'll love to have you join!

The Process

It's simple and friendly! Simply email info@enactusukalumni.org to say you're interested in being involved, and we'll organise a call to learn more about your application and interest in the role. Following the initial phone conversation with a member of the board, in which additional information may be requested, you will be passed on to have a conversation with the lead of the area you have applied to. 

Please note a handover period will be available for you to gather any information required from the current team.