#EnactusTalks: Social Careers Recap

Exactly 2 weeks ago marked the gathering of over 30 keen individuals for the the inaugural #EnactusTalks of 2016/17. As the rows of chairs began to fill, the Vault offices began to fill with a buzz of excitement — they were all here to find the answer to one simple question: “What’s stopping me from making a difference?”.

To help answer this pressing question, a panel of 5 distinguished speakers were invited to speak about their experiences getting involved in the world of start-ups, scale-ups and social enterprise:

Rob Blythe

Rob Blythe is the co-founder of Instant Impact. Instant Impact an intern & graduate recruitment agency, specialising in placing the UK’s top students & graduates into jobs at fast-growth Start-ups, Scale-ups & SMEs.

Alex Watson

Alex Watson is the founder of Call the Crowd — an organisation that works alongside social enterprises to enhance their crowdfunding campaigns. As well as his role as CEO and founder of Call the Crowd, he also takes part in the On Purpose social enterprise leadership programme. On Purpose are running an associate programme for those looking to gain experience of working in purpose-oriented organisations while receiving a level of support that you’d rarely receive in a conventional working situation. If you’re interested, further info can be found here.

Lauren Hine

Lauren has founded a number of startups; including Female Founder Fridays — a blog to showcase exceptional women in business and to raise the profile of women in technology — Zealify — which helped SMEs to grow their employer brand to attract talent — and was a co-founder of Incredibli, a group funding platform to allow users to collect payments from a group.

Robbie Semple

Robbie Semple is the executive director at Worthwhile — an organisation that is helping social enterprises and charities to grow through access to talented graduates. The Worthwhile graduate scheme offers a hand ons experience inside ambitious organisations, for those looking to launch their careers in social enterprises. Robbie joined the Rolls Royce graduate scheme gaining chartered status, before joining as an Associate on the On Purpose programme and founding Worthwhile.

Sarah Beckett

Sarah is the CEO and Co-Founder of Birdsong - an online marketplace selling fashion products made by women's charities. Birdsong provides extra revenue streams for charities in a time of increasing funding cuts, and an alternative to buyers who increasingly want to know where their purchases come from.

We’d like to thank everyone that came along on the day, and joined along with us on our livestream, as well as our inspiring speakers for sharing their knowledge with us.

We hope to see you at our next Professional Development Event on the 13th October 2016.

For those who couldn’t join us on the day, check out the event below: