Introducing the New Board

Wow! What an amazing year it’s been for Enactus UK teams across the country. This year we’ve seen teams do amazing things, both locally and internationally — and as alumni we’re so proud of the role that we’ve been able to play in helping teams reach their full potential.

Whether it’s through our high quality mentoring platform, professional development events, or through the many initiatives we run throughout the year, our ultimate goal is to provide each and every Enactus team with the best possible guidance and support to empower them to truly change lives, whilst continually developing the incredible network of Enactus UK Alumni.

Last year was our most successful yet, and it would not have been possible without the superhuman efforts of the previous board. In the run up to the World Cup, the new board will endeavour to build on their work and further develop the Network.

To that end, it gives us great pleasure to introduce the new Enactus UK Alumni Board for 2016 - 2017:


Message From the Chair

Enactus brought us together, and upon graduating you became an alumni. That’s the story for all of us. It is why we are hotly pursuing the goal of bringing every Enactus alumni into the network, and helping everyone gain and enjoy in equal measure the opportunities which we have planned.
If you’ve got any ideas, demands, or extra pair of hands. We’re always super keen to hear from you.


As always,
Enactus Love <3