The Launch of Subject Matter Expert (SME) Mentoring

The Enactus UK Alumni Mentoring programme is a cornerstone of what we do as Alumni – supporting Enactus UK teams across the country in their development of enterprises to empower communities across the globe. This year, we have 88 mentors who generously give their time, skills and expertise to the mentoring programme, and we’re extremely excited to watch this number grow into the future.

In order to support the future growth of the programme and to ensure we’re maximising the value added to the teams, we’re proud to announce some major updates to the Enactus UK Alumni Mentoring Programme. Mainly, the creation of a new type of mentoring: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Mentoring.

We’re now giving mentors, both new and old, the opportunity to sign up as an expert in a specific area. That way, when any Enactus teams needs mentoring for a specific subject rather than just general mentoring, we’ll link up the SME mentor and the team. Not only do we see this maximising the value for both the teams and the mentors, but as a way to recognise the insane knowledge and expertise our community of alumni.

Signing up to be an SME mentor is easy, and takes only a couple of minutes. The application form is here.