The notorious Grantham bathroom photo

There’s a strange tradition that happens every year at Grantham. It’s never planned, but at a certain point on the Saturday night, after several glasses of wine, alumni gather outside of the disabled toilet one by one, and take a photo which has since become legend.

So naturally, we decided to do our own Timehop and trace this tradition to its origins. Only a small amount of stalking was required to unearth these treasures, we promise.

2009 – the beginning?

Okay, so it’s not technically the disabled toilet, but it’s a group toilet photo – close enough! We can’t decide what’s better about this photo, how young everyone looks, or the fact they came up with the idea that started the tradition we know and love today.

2010 – The year with no flash

This bunch obviously made the discovery that more people would fit into the disabled toilet, but for some reason they couldn’t discover where the camera flash was. Nevertheless, a strong effort!

2011 – The year with no cameras?

Either 2011 was a wild year and all evidence was deleted, or the famed encounter didn’t happen this year. Alumni – where is this photo? (we’ve decided to draw how we think it looked instead)

2012 – The one with Rosie

Let’s not beat around the bush here. This photo involved Rosie, so it’s automatically the best one. Competition over guys.

2013 – The attractive one

We’re all such an attractive bunch aren’t we? What makes this even funnier is the amount it was used in Alumni communications. Great effort all round!

2014 – The one without Jonny

We’re not entirely sure this one counts. Why, you ask? Because Mr Hick is suspiciously absent. It turns out Jonny was enjoying his dinner conversation so much that the photo went on without him. Shame on you all!

2015 - ???

And so you have it. Here’s this year’s solid effort. Let’s hope that we continue this tradition long into the future.

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