Grantham 2015 – What to expect #TW2015

It’s finally November! That may not mean anything to most, but for Enactus students and alumni it means it’s nearly time for Grantham.

Grantham, or the Enactus UK Training Weekend, is an action packed weekend full of training sessions, team building activities and the occasional drink. Before the big weekend, we wanted to give you a few hints of what to expect.

FRIDAY - Development Centre, Icebreakers and Bonfire

Once you’ve been dropped off at PGL by the Grantham coaches your weekend will begin! After registering for the weekend, you’ll receive your itinerary and accommodation keys.

If you pre-registered for the Development Centre, you’ll then begin this part of the weekend. The Development Centre will help prepare you for graduate and placement assessment centres and interviews, and will give you a chance to apply the skills you’ve gained through Enactus with a real recruiter.

Once you’ve had time to settle in, the careers fair will start. This will give you the chance to speak to our sponsor companies, who are actively looking to recruit Enactus students. Look out for some familiar faces on the stands as some of our lovely alumni will be representing their companies!  


Enactus UK will then kick off the weekend with some inspiring talks and icebreakers. Here you will get to know your fellow Enactus students a bit better, find out what’s in store for you during the weekend and be inspired by some best practice in the network. You’ll also enjoy your first Grantham dinner – it’s cheap but cheerful – just like school dinners!


The best part of Friday (or at least our favourite) is the bonfire. Expect some casual drinks by the bonfire and a chance to socialise more with everyone attending Training Weekend. Pro tip: Find Jeffery Lovejoy for a chat – he has many Training Weekends under his belt and is a very entertaining person to meet!

SATURDAY – PGL Activities, Sessions and Dinner

It’s an early start on Saturday – be sure to wake up in time for breakfast as you have a long day ahead of you. Depending on which track you’re on, you’ll have a different running order, but don’t worry you’ll all get to experience the same things.

Some of you will begin your day with PGL, taking part in outdoor activities. You could be doing anything, from zipwiring, to climbing, to trying not to touch the floor. In all the activities you’ll have to have solid teamwork and trust to achieve your objective!

You’ll also spend your Saturday attending sessions ran by the alumni, sponsor companies and social enterprise experts covering everything from working with project partners, to applying for grants to building your Enactus brand. Be sure to take lots of notes and participate fully in the sessions. It’s a great way of learning new things you can bring back to your team to help improve your projects and build a team that’s sustainable in the long term.

Everyone’s Grantham highlight is the Saturday night dinner. You’re back in the canteen but it’s been spruced up and everyone’s dressed to impress. You’re treated to a three course meal (although it’s still your cheery canteen food) and wine, and get to spend some time bonding with your teammates.

At dinner, you’ll hear from Enactus UK and the dinner sponsor, and will be treated to a replay of the UK’s world cup entry (this year you’ll get to watch the World Champion Enactus Southampton present their winning entry!). There will also be some other representatives so expect a lot of clapping (and probably some crying too if you’re part of the alumni and fully into your Enactus addiction)

Saturday closes with a disco – think school disco. It’s a great way to bond with other Enactus teams so make sure you have a good time! Expect lots of cheesy hits and some terrible singing (and that’s just the alumni!).



SUNDAY – PGL Activities, the Photo, Application of Knowledge and Goodbyes

There’s more outdoor activities on Sunday morning, so don’t be surprised if you end up on a zip wire in the early hours of the morning with a hangover (That definitely happened to me before – just saying!)

Be sure to make the most of this as it’ll be your last activities session of Training Weekend, so mingle with people you haven’t met before and give it your all – you might surprise yourself on the Leap of Faith!

We’ll then move onto the traditional Grantham picture – don’t miss your chance to be in it! Be sure to be outside at the right time to secure a good spot. Top tip: position yourself near something recognisable so you can find yourself in the picture later!

Then it’ll be time to regroup with your regions and plan out how you’ll use what you’ve learned to benefit your team. And that’s it, your time at Training Weekend will unfortunately be over for another year.

So how can you make the most of your Training Weekend?

  • Talk to as many people as you can. Your peers can be an amazing support network. Be sure to swap contact details!
  •  Try and seek out your alumni mentor if you know they’re attending. This will help you relate what you’ve learned to the challenges your team is facing.
  • Take notes on everything you hear. It’ll be easy to forget the details once you’ve left.
  • Participate fully. If you put a lot in, you’ll get a lot out of it!
  • Pay a visit to the Alumni tuck shop. You’ll be able to find Red Bull and a sugar hit, and all the money will go into funding the important work the Alumni do!

Want to know more about what to expect? Watch last year’s highlights here

Finally, look out for the alumni and say hi! We’ll be wearing our Enactus UK Alumni hoodies with pride and love to meet Enactus students.