Project Den what to expect as a student (Part 2)

The Enactus network provides plenty of opportunities for alumni and students to connect allowing students to leverage the vast expertise of the alumni, and for alumni to have the opportunity to give back to the network. Project Den is a fantastic example of this.

Project Den is an event where teams can present their projects to alumni mentors outside their usual support network, and will receive friendly, constructive advice on how the project can be improved and how to move it forward. This allows mentors to use their Enactus knowledge in a new context.

For those who have not attended a Project Den before, we’ve put together a handy guide of what to expect.

1.     You’ll gain a new perspective

It’s likely that you’ll be receiving advice from someone who has no prior knowledge of your project. This can be really beneficial, as they’ll be able to provide a unique perspective and bring fresh ideas.

2.     You’ll receive some honest advice

There may be parts of your project that can be improved or changed to make a greater impact, and the Alumni won’t hesitate to point these out to you. It’s important that you keep an open mind, remember they won’t have prior knowledge of your project. If you have made a different decision for a reason, be sure to explain this to them to help them understood the direction you’re taking the project in.

3.     You have access to the wealth of knowledge of the alumni

The advantage of gaining advice from outside of your usual support network is the breadth of knowledge the alumni can provide. Although the alumni taking part have come from a variety of teams and roles, all of them have been in your shoes, so know the types of challenges you face. They also have the advantage of their graduate jobs to build on their Enactus knowledge.

4.     You’ll learn about some pretty cool project tools

The alumni make sure they stay up to date with the latest project tools, and we’ll be sharing some of these at Project Den. These will help you plan your project more effectively to help you maximise your impact.

5.     You’ll have a lot of fun

It may seem daunting to open up your project to outside advice, but ultimately it’s also a lot of fun. You’ll spend time talking to people who are just as excited and passionate about your project as you are, and if you come along in person you’ll also get to meet lots of new people. Project Den is a great way to experience the scale of the Enactus UK network.