Project Den 2015 – What to Expect as a Mentor (Part 1)

The Enactus network provides plenty of opportunities for alumni and students to connect allowing students to leverage the vast expertise of the alumni, and for alumni to have the opportunity to give back to the network. Project Den is a fantastic example of this.

Project Den is an event where teams can present their projects to alumni mentors outside their usual support network, and will receive friendly, constructive advice on how the project can be improved and how to move it forward. This allows mentors to use their Enactus knowledge in a new context.

For those who have not attended a Project Den before, we’ve put together a handy guide of what to expect.



1.     There will be lots of energy and ideas

Projects are a very exciting area of Enactus, so having an event purely focused on developing projects tends to bring out high energy levels. Teams are open to hearing advice on their projects, and the best Project Den discussions tend to generate creative ideas on how to solve problems.

2.     You will gain a new perspective

Teams approach their projects differently, so during Project Den you’ll be exposed to new ways of working. On the surface, Project Den is a one-way learning process, where teams learn from alumni, but in reality, there’s so much alumni can learn from these teams whether it’s a learning they can take back to their own teams or something which adds to their Enactus knowledge.

3.     You will be challenged

Projects are never smooth sailing and complex challenges can arise. You’ll be asked very challenging questions by some teams which you may not be able to answer straight away. However, by sharing your experience and how you would approach a particular problem, you will still be able to provide support and advice.

4.     There will be a chance to mingle

At each of our 5 Project Den locations we’ll be organising a social activity after the event for you to mingle with your fellow alumni – take advantage of this to get to know each other better and catch up with friends.

5.     You’ll have a lot of fun

The most fun part of Enactus is being close to the action, and Project Den promises that. Whilst it will be a tiring day you’ll also have a great day full of useful conversations that will remind you why you still spend so much of your time on Enactus!

Sign up to take part in Project Den here. The deadline for registrations is the 1st November.

Have you been to Project Den before and what to share your highlights from previous years? Share your stories with us at @EnactusUKAlumni

The Mentoring Team