5 ways to learn from the Enactus World Cup Final

World cup is an exciting time for Enactus teams, but you don’t have to be in Johannesburg to make the most of it.

Whether you’re a mentor on the lookout for new ways to inspire your team, or a student wanting to learn from the world’s greatest Enactus projects, World Cup offers plenty of opportunities to expose yourself to best practice and hear how other countries have empowered people in need.

We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to help you maximise your viewing experience

1.       Get a group together to watch it

As well as being a lot of fun, watching the world cup final as a group enables some really beneficial discussions. You can discuss the team’s presentation style, how they’ve approached the project’s need, the sustainability of their project, how you think they should scale the project or how effectively it meets the criterion. Try introducing a competitive element by predicting who you think will win the grand prize.

2.       Do your research

Get to know the teams ahead of the competition by browsing the world cup website and viewing the country profiles. Here you can find a sneak peek of the projects being presented. See if you can find a project that similar to one from your project portfolio and follow the progress of that team through the competition online.


3.       Write down the key take away from each presentation

Write down at least one thing you’re going to take away from each presentation. Did you find the way they presented their impact really clear? Were you inspired by the business model they used to implement the project? What can you learn from their presentation? In the presentation changeover times share your learnings with the team and discuss what your team can do as a result.

4.       Follow along using the criterion

Create marking sheets for everyone attending your viewing. During each presentation ask everyone to judge where they think the team have scored according to the criterion. At the end of the presentation give suggestions for how the presenting team can improve their scores further.

5.       Get social

The Enactus World Cup has a buzzing social media presence, and joining in with this can really enhance your competition experience. Be sure to wish Enactus Southampton good luck, but also take time to review the conversations happening on #WeAllWin and #EnactusWorldCup and join in. You never know – you may be exposed to a new perspective from the global Enactus network.

What are your top tips? Tweet @EnactusUKAlumni with your suggestions and we’ll share our favourites.

The Enactus World Cup Final Round will be broadcasted live at http://enactus.org/worldcup/ on Friday 16th October 2pm-5.30pm GMT or you’ll be able to find it on demand on YouTube.

Good luck to Enactus Southampton on behalf of all the Enactus UK Alumni Mentoring Team!! We’ll be cheering for you.